Steps to Follow in Managing Dental Emergencies

Citi Dental Brookline

The team at CITIDental Brookline understands that dental accidents can occur in the most inconvenient times. These dental emergencies can impact your schedule and leave you feeling frustrated as well as uncomfortable. There are various measures you can take to manage your teeth during a dental emergency.

Aching Tooth

Toothaches have a number of causes. Visiting your dentist is the primary way to identify the underlying issue causing toothaches. These can include tooth decay or a possible infection. CITIDental Brookline can see you promptly to handle any severe dental emergencies. There are additional steps we can underline with you about managing the discomfort that occurs during a dental emergency.

Tongue or Cheek Damage

In some cases, whether you are eating or playing sports, you can accidentally bite your tongue or lip. In this case, gently clean the affected area with water and use a cold compress to reduce any swelling. Once you have managed the initial pain, you can schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Knocked Out Teeth

In the cases of knocked out teeth, the first step to perform is to locate the tooth. Once you have it, gently rinse the tooth with running water until it appears to be clean. Do not use any aggressive brushing or scrubbing techniques as this may damage the tooth enamel. You can place the tooth in a cup of water or milk before bringing it with you for your visit to the dental office. These steps are time-sensitive, so be sure to perform them immediately following a lost tooth.

Cracked Teeth

If a tooth becomes cracked, make an effort to rinse your mouth with water immediately. As with the same steps for cheek damage, you can use a cold compress to manage and minimize any swelling. Schedule a visit to your dentist as soon as possible to plan the necessary treatment.

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