How to Feed a Fantastic Smile: The Dentist Diet

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How to Feed a Fantastic Smile: The Dentist Diet

It is the middle of the day, and your stomach tells you it is time for a little snack. Maybe you will stroll over to the office candy bowl or the vending machine and purchase a Mountain Dew. This routine is not out of the ordinary for you and many others, and it may not be apparent at the moment, but these small decisions could lead to big consequences for your dental health in the long run. At CITIDental Brookline, our Brookline dentists aim to help you with these issues.

Sugar: the Tooth Killer

Sugar is in almost everything, so it is hard to avoid, but this ingredient is one of the most harmful things for our teeth. When we consume sugar, our bodies turn it into acid. Then, this acid attacks the teeth and gums. The results of sugar’s attack are pockets between the teeth and gums which become breeding grounds for bacteria. An increase in bacteria can lead to Gingivitis, or tooth decay, as well as heart disease. The body is an ecosystem where issues in one area can cause problems in another.

Sugar Signs: Spotting the Danger Around Us

Spotting sugar in our food is an easy task. When you shop for groceries, be sure to check the nutrition labels on all the foods. A little sugar now and then is not bad for you, but how much sugar is healthy? Abel James, a trainer on ABC’s My Diet is Better Than Yours, addresses this issue in his book The Wild Diet. He advises avoiding foods that contain more than 3 to 5 grams of sugar. James goes on to list all the pseudonyms of sugar you need to look out for on nutrition labels. Here are just a few:

  • Sucrose
  • Dextrose
  • Fructose
  • Glucose
  • Corn Syrup

There are dozens more, but it is safe to say, avoid any foods that end in “-ose.” Many soft drinks and juices have high sugar contents. Additionally, the acidity in these beverages is more than any other drinks. By avoiding such foods, you can ensure that not only your overall health will be in a positive place, but specifically your dental health.

Now What?

Now you know how to keep vigilant against sugar, but what now? How do you replace habits so ingrained in your psyche? A void has opened up, and now you need to fill it with something healthier than a Snickers or Mountain Dew. When it comes to replacing sugary beverages, it is pretty simple: stick with water, coffee, or tea. You should drink these straight without sweeteners or creamer. If you cannot drink coffee black, try a dash of cinnamon or butter and coconut oil. Regarding snacks, put down the chocolate and pick up some almonds or carrots. These foods are fantastic sources of fiber which can help your metabolism and your dental health as well.


Sugar is in many foods, and if you want to have a healthy smile, you will need to find alternatives to the sodas and candy in your diet. Always check the nutrition labels on your groceries and be aware that sugar has many names to disguise itself.

To learn more about dental health and nutrition, call CITIDental Brookline to schedule an appointment and learn about the other services we provide. These include crowns, cosmetic dentistry, emergency dentistry, dental implants, and more.

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