A case of missing teeth may create the need for dentures. For some patients, a full set of dentures may be necessary to achieve a complete smile restoration. During this time, it is necessary to learn about how dentures are created and specifically formulated for patients.

Dental Exam

During the initial dental exam, patients will have their teeth inspected by the dentist to determine any areas that require dentures. If the patient received a tooth extraction recently, then the process will also involve ensuring the gums heal. If the examination indicates overall healthy conditions, then an impression is created. These are molds of the gums and teeth. The resulting structure will be sent to the lab to customize the dentures for the individual patient.

Early Fabrications

For some cases, denture mock-ups may be necessary so patients can try on the product before the finalized version is ready. Patients can try on these early dentures and bite into a wax base so they can evaluate function, comfort, and fit. This will also help identify how well the top and bottom dentures fit together and if there are any adjustments needed.

Final Procedure

Once the personalized dentures are ready for fitting, the final procedure is scheduled. The patient will return to the office to try the dentures on, speak, and assume different biting positions. If the dentures remain in place, then the overall process is complete. Patients can leave the office with a brand new set of dentures.

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