Comparing Traditional and No-Prep Veneers

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Comparing Traditional and No-Prep Veneers

Veneers are used to correct a wide range of dental issues and improve your smile. They attach to the outer portion of your teeth and can correct issues related to the size, shape, color, length, and condition of your teeth. 

If you’re considering veneers, you should know about the two main types they come in: traditional and no-prep. 

How Traditional Veneers Work

Made of porcelain or composite material, traditional veneers are permanent fixtures in your mouth. They are highly durable and often last for many years when well cared for. 

To start the process, your dentist will test the look and fit of veneers by removing a small piece of your existing enamel. After that, an impression of your teeth will be taken and that will be used to make your custom veneers. Once they are ready, the veneers are attached to your teeth with dental cement. 

Traditional veneers come in two varieties: porcelain and composite. 

Porcelain veneers most closely mimic the look of real enamel, with realistic color and translucency. They also don’t stain easily. They require a series of visits with your dentist, to prepare and place the veneers. 

Composite veneers are a quicker option, and less costly, than porcelain. They can be attached in just one appointment. The drawback is that they chip and stain more easily. However, they can be easily repaired. 

How No-Prep Veneers Work

As their name suggests, no-prep veneers are a more convenient option that require less preparation than traditional veneers. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth that will be used to craft your custom veneers, which are then bonded to the front of your teeth. Alterations, when needed, are simple to perform. The process is generally painless and can be performed without anaesthetic. 

There are several types of no-prep veneers to choose from. They are available in porcelain or composite and are typically a much more affordable option than traditional veneers. 

Vivaneers™ Veneers

These are very thin but durable veneers that offer opaque or translucent shading that closely matches the natural color of your teeth. 

Lumineers® Veneers

These are a popular and well-known option that provide natural-looking results. 

DURAthin® Veneers

These fit to the front of your teeth and don’t require any alterations to your tooth enamel. This means that if you decide to remove them, your smile won’t be impacted.

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