Your Mouth is a Link to Your Overall Health

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Your Mouth is a Link to Your Overall Health

Most patients generally know that plaque that is not treated through regular dental care can eventually turn into tartar. A high accumulation of tartar can make a visit to the dentist necessary for a professional cleaning. Plaque consists of a large build-up of bacteria, but most patients are unaware of the fact that bacteria can produce acid or toxins that overwhelm your mouth, causing cavities and becoming a detriment to your overall physical health.

Gum Disease Affects Many Adults in the US

According to a survey of general surgeons, at least 80% of American Adults are affected by one type of gum problem or disease. With this knowledge, the importance of oral health has never been clearer. The mouth can harbor both good and bad bacteria. Some research suggests that bad bacteria can be a factor in the development of health conditions such as diabetes, blood cell disorders, heart attack, stroke, premature babies, and more. A good oral health routine is a must in order to best protect your overall health from such conditions. A good dental care practice habit is to brush twice per day, floss, use mouth wash, and schedule dental visits on a consistent basis.

Oral Bacteria can Affect the Development of Many Health Conditions

Oral bacteria from diseased gums have also been linked with endocarditis, cardiovascular disease, premature birth, low birth weight, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, eating disorders, and more.

With oral disease becoming a widespread condition and gaining more awareness, good dental habits are more important to follow than before. In addition to the aforementioned oral health practices, also have a consistent schedule in which you see your dentist for check-ups. These exams can potentially find problems that normally go unnoticed. For additional information, please contact the team at CITIDental Brookline and schedule an appointment.

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