Reasons to Schedule a Dental Visit for Your Child

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Reasons to Schedule a Dental Visit for Your Child

Many parents in the Brookline area have a lot to think about regarding their children’s health, including their teeth. There are four good reasons why a trip to the dentist is good for your child’s long-term health.

Promote Good Oral Care from the Start

By the time your child reaches their twelfth month, their first teeth can start to erupt. It is especially important to have the teeth examined by a professional once these erupting teeth do come out.

During a regular visit, the teeth will be cleaned with professional materials such as fluoride. This is essential for sustaining your child’s oral health in their early years. The quality of these cleanings can only be achieved through professional means, not over-the-counter treatments.

When your child visits a dentist at a young age, they will eventually grow accustomed to visiting the dentist. As they grow older, they will be more comfortable with visiting the dentist – decreasing anxiety for their later life.

In addition to the health benefits, regular dental visits will begin to instill the importance of oral care in children’s minds. Your child will eventually pick up habits necessary to maintain a clean, healthy smile in their early years. This can prevent the need to have braces or other restorative dentistry procedures in the long term.

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