How to Protect Your Oral Health During COVID

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How to Protect Your Oral Health During COVID

A healthy mouth is essential to your overall wellness

In addition to following all of the public health guidelines around wearing face masks, practicing social distancing, and being rigorous about hand washing, there’s one major action you can take to protect yourself during the pandemic: look after your oral health. 

Pathogens Can Enter Your Body Through Your Mouth

Your mouth is an entry point for your digestive and respiratory tracts, and when viruses and bad bacteria make their way in, that can lead to health problems. 

Having optimal oral health will not only help you prevent infection before it happens, but it will also help you fight off any contagions that do come into contact with your mouth.

Here are some of the most effective ways you can protect your oral health and overall wellness. 

Simple Ways to Improve Your Oral Health

Wash your hands before eating 

This is a good hygiene practice to have in general, and it’s become even more important during the global pandemic, since it’s incredibly easy for viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens to make the jump from your hands to your mouth while you’re eating. 

Give up cigarettes 

If you’ve been thinking about quitting smoking, there’s never been a better time than now. Smoking raises your chances of inhaling airborne pathogens, such as the coronavirus, and it deals a double whammy by harming your immune system and decreasing your ability to fight off infection. 

Eat and drink well

A well-balanced diet that minimizes processed foods and sugar is a powerful way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Making water your drink of choice also goes a long way toward maintaining good oral health. 

Brush and floss your teeth regularly

It almost goes without saying that excellent oral hygiene habits include daily brushing and flossing. But we will say it for anyone who needs a reminder, adding that brushing and flossing prevent gum disease, which can make you prone to infection. During a pandemic, it’s especially important to minimize any factors that leave you vulnerable. In addition, you can still make regular visits to your Brookline dentist to fully protect your oral health.

We Can Help

Remember that you’re not alone and that the dedicated team at CITIDental Brookline is your partner in helping you achieve and maintain great oral health. If you have any concerns about your mouth or teeth or gums, we can help. 

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