How Fluoride Helps Maximize Your Smile Over Time

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How Fluoride Helps Maximize Your Smile Over Time

Fluoride is an essential element in dental health care. You may have noticed that fluoride is everywhere: it’s included in toothpastes, added to the public water supply, and is used in professional treatments at dental clinics. But do you know why it plays such an important role in maintaining a healthy smile?

First and foremost, fluoridated water and other fluoride treatments, such as rinses, foams, mouthwashes, and toothpastes, have been shown to prevent tooth decay and cavities, which saves you from having to get fillings and crowns. Fluoride also has a range of other benefits for oral health:

  • Reduces pain and sensitivity
  • Decreases the incidence of tooth loss
  • Stops the growth of lesions in the mouth
  • Remineralizes decalcified enamel
  • Reduces sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Breaks up plaque buildup

There are certain people who are at higher risk of tooth decay and other oral health issues and would benefit from additional topical fluoride treatments. If any of the following applies to you, you should consider having professional fluoride treatments performed by your dentist twice a year at your regular checkups:

  • You live in an area where the water is not fluoridated
  • You are prone to tooth decay
  • You have dry mouth or low saliva production
  • You have gum disease
  • You have had radiation treatments on the neck or head
  • You experience chronic tooth sensitivity

As a word of caution, topical fluoride should never be swallowed. The best and safest way to enjoy the benefits of topical fluoride treatments is by visiting a dental professional who can administer the treatments in the correct amount and frequency.

To find out more about how fluoride can help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile, contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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