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How a Deep Cleaning Can Be Helpful

Perhaps you don’t really think it is necessary to see a dentist because you don’t feel or see any dental problems. I mean, you brush and floss every day to prevent cavities and gum disease, so that should be good enough, right? Wrong. 

In fact, you should be part of a third of all Americans who don’t get a dental exam even as little as once per year. However, very serious dental problems can come from this and get out of control without even a small amount of pain. They can also lead to problems with your overall health. Then you have to deal with the cost in both time and money to fix them. 

Very few of us are truly taught how to carefully clean teeth and gums as they need to be cleaned in order to get rid of food particles that often develop into plaque. Plaque will silently eat away at your gums which is why you need to get on top of your dental hygiene. 

No matter what specific dental problem may be causing you pain, it will eventually come with vengeance. This can be something such as a dead tooth root, a big cavity, or a tooth that desperately needs to be surgically removed. However, some good news does come from this. 

Having a professional cleaning twice per year can often help prevent dental problems from becoming out of control. We can provide you with the care you need in order to remove plaque, even that which has hardened into tartar. If you need a deep cleaning, we can clean all of your teeth and gums for you to ensure you get the very best out of your dental care. 

Sometimes, your dentist may find evidence that the infection has reached your jawbone. In this case, your dentist will discuss a bone graft to ensure your teeth do not fall out. While dental care can often seem daunting, when you find the right dentist, it all gets substantially better.

Get in touch with CITIDental Brookline today to set up an examination and see if you need a deep cleaning. It is important that you get on top of any poor dental health as soon as possible to ensure you don’t deal with pain when you don’t have to. 

Are you ready to get your dental health back to normal? Get started today when you get in touch with us!

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