Great Dental Health Contributes to a Fulfilling Life

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Great Dental Health Contributes to a Fulfilling Life

Few Americans grow up fully appreciating the many benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile.

When we are young, it’s all about painful cavities, but brushing and flossing habits are generally not adequate to prevent these “dental caries,” which remain the second most common disease (next to the cold).

Preventing Gum Disease is Valuable

It often takes a couple of decades after childhood to realize that preventing periodontal (gum) disease is the priority, since unless brushing and flossing are done much more rigorously than early in life, the gums will pull away their support for permanent teeth, which will fall out or need to be extracted. CITIDental Brookline is one of the few dental practices with periodontists who specialize in the most sophisticated treatments to stop the disease from advancing or replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

This infection also significantly increases the risk for everything from diabetes to cardiovascular disease. That is why it is vital that everyone have a professional cleaning by a dental hygienist at least twice a year, since she has the tools and techniques to do a much more thorough job than any of us can for ourselves.

Schedule a Dental Exam to Catch Problems Early

Having a semi-annual full examination by one of our dentists is also critical for wellness because everything from small cavities to loosening teeth can be caught early, saving you from pain, restoring your health, and avoiding expensive repairs later.

Studies have proven that a healthy, bright smile you can flash to everyone expresses friendliness and self-confidence. You can laugh out loud, be happier, eat pretty much anything, and so will likely have more friends in-person, on social media, and over Zoom. A gleaming smile tells others that you take care of your oral health and appearance, so that you are free from anxiety about your own problems and have the emotional space to care for others.

Whitening and Dental Veneers Treatments can Make More of a Difference

That makes even cosmetic improvements, such as whitening or dental veneers, important, and you will be able to afford them because you did not spend as much repairing serious oral health problems that developed because of neglect.  

Call the nearest CITIDental Brookline office today to set up a full dental examination and to discuss your best options on the journey to your uniquely perfect smile.

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