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Congrats to Dr. Gandi!

At CITIDental Brookline, we like to let our patients and readership know when our staff of dentists and oral health specialists gain distinctions and win awards. We’re serious about smiles around here, but we also like to take these moments to celebrate.

CITIDental Brookline’s Neela Gandhi, DMD has been honored by the prestigious Metropolitan District Dental Society (MDS) by being awarded the 18th Robert L. Burke, DDS Memorial Volunteer Award for 2017. Her award is in recognition of outstanding efforts and contributions within her community for the betterment of the dental society and by upholding the highest of standards within the dental community at large.

Dr. Gandi is No Stranger to Gaining Distinctions

Dr. Gandi is well known in her community, taking a strong leadership role as an effective liaison for both Metropolitan District Dental and Massachusetts Dental Societies. She was an active participant and enthusiastic contributor to the noteworthy Give Kids a Smile effort and continues to advance her own education and specializations within the oral health industry.

This isn’t the first time Dr. Gandi has received recognition and distinction for being amazing. In 2007, she was nominated to participate in the Massachusetts Dental Society Leadership Institute. This led to her being selected as a standing representative for Council on Membership for Metropolitan District Dental Society, ultimately culminating in a District Chair and Trustee position to the MDS Board. She also won the 2010 William McKenna Volunteer award from the MDS. She hasn’t rested on her laurels, either. Dr. Gandi continues to do valuable, charitable work, donating her time with enthusiasm and charisma.

More on the MDS

The Massachusetts Dental Society is a 5,000-member constituent of the American Dental Association (ADA), which is dedicated to the professional development of dentists within its membership. Through initiatives in education, advocacy, and promotion, each member is held to the highest professional standards, held responsible for championing Commonwealth oral health with consistency and dedication.

More on the Award

The Robert L. Burke, DDS Memorial Volunteer Award was established back in 1999 in the honor of Dr. Burke as a way to give well-deserved recognition to outstanding contributions and volunteer efforts for the betterment of the dental society. Dr. Gandi was presented her award at a formal district dinner meeting at the Wellesley Country Club on 27 September 2017.

What This Means for Our Patients

Our dentists at CITIDental Brookline continue to garner prestigious awards while they continue to do amazing work for patients at our practice. You’ll always be in good hands, whether it’s cosmetic, general, or emergency dental procedures. Contact us today to learn more.

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