Breaking Down What Occurs During Your Dental Checkup

One of the most important elements of maintaining a healthy smile is to visit your dentist regularly. In addition to keeping a clean smile, it also helps you place a preventative monitoring system over your dental health. The basics of a dental checkup are essential for patients to know. Here is a general breakdown of what a dental checkup consists of.

For new patients, checkups will include dental x-rays. They are taken at the beginning of the appointment. This process will allow your dentist to detect and evaluate decay between teeth and other surfaces that are not commonly seen. In addition, it reveals conditions of teeth that are concealed under previous dental work. X-rays can be valuable for identifying issues beneath the gum line as well.

Another process of a dental checkup is cleaning. During this time, the dentist or hygienist will utilize a small metal instrument known as a scaler to remove tartar located above or below the gum line as well as between teeth. For the next step, the dentist or hygienist will use a polishing tool to clean the teeth and remove any tartar left over from the previous procedure. A flossing procedure is then implemented to finish the process.

Following x-rays and cleaning, a comprehensive exam will be conducted to ensure the overall status of your oral health. This will help detect further signs of decay, gum swelling, redness, tooth alignment, and oral cancer symptoms. For additional information on dental checkups or to schedule one for yourself, contact CITIDental Brookline.

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