Adjusting to a New Daily Routine with Invisalign Aligners

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Adjusting to a New Daily Routine with Invisalign Aligners

If you’ve just started your Invisalign treatment to improve your smile, you may have some questions about how it will impact your daily life and what you can do to get the most out of your treatment. 

Here is some of the essential information you need to know as a new Invisalign user. 

Wearing your aligners

One of the big benefits of Invisalign aligners over traditional braces is that they are removable. However, this doesn’t mean you should be removing them whenever you feel like it. In order for the treatment to be effective and proceed on schedule, the aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours a day. Basically, you should only be removing them to eat. 

It’s also important to note that you should follow your dentist’s instructions to the letter. Don’t try to speed along your treatment by moving to the next set of aligners before you’re supposed to. This can interfere with your progress and cause problems that delay your results. 

Eating and drinking

Our dental team recommends that you should take out your aligners anytime you eat or drink anything other than water. Be sure to replace them promptly once you’re finished. 

Cleaning your aligner trays

Just as your teeth need daily cleaning to stay in their best shape, so do your Invisalign trays. Take them out and clean them once a day with warm water and clear soap that is antibacterial. Don’t use toothpaste to clean the aligner trays as it is abrasive and can cause tiny scratches in the plastic where bacteria can collect. 

Keeping up your oral care routine

It’s important to maintain a thorough oral hygiene routine while you’re undergoing treatment with Invisalign aligners. Because the trays fit so snugly against your teeth, any bacteria that is left on or in between your teeth is held in place by the aligners, creating an environment where bacteria can easily build up and lead to more serious dental issues. Be sure to brush twice daily and floss once a day as well to keep the surfaces of your teeth clean and clear of debris. 

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