Veneers Brookline

Veneers are custom made shells that are bonded to your teeth to conceal any imperfections. This can be an ideal method for improving the appearance of your front teeth, improving the shape and coloring, and is an excellent alternative to crowns in many circumstances.

Benefits of Dental Veneers

Veneers are a conservative means of improving your smile if you have a gap between your teeth or have a chipped tooth. They can mask fillings in the front of your mouth as well as discoloration from a root canal, injury or tetracycline. Your veneers will be designed to compliment and restore your unique smile.

Applying veneers requires no invasive procedure or surgery, and will last for many years. This is one of the simplest and safest dental procedures available. There is a short adjustment period of a week or two, so you can become familiar with your “new” teeth. They are maintained with regular dental hygiene as you would with your natural teeth.

For the best experience in applying veneers, make an appointment with the experienced team at CITIDental Brookline. We provide general and cosmetic dentistry services to patients in Brookline, Camridge, Newton, and the Boston metro area.

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